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Friday Cat Fun #13: Kitten in His Box

Kitten colonized his box and defends it against his siblings.

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Friday Cat Fun #12: Cat and Puppies

video removed 🙁

Cat, Neo, is surrounded by puppy agent smiths.

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Friday Cat Fun #11: Ninja Cat Stair Climbing

Another video of a curious cat experimenting to learn about the road less traveled.

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Friday Cat Fun #10: Cat and Crow Friends

Very cool, it is amazing what happens in life. And that bird is remarkably patient. Getting, even playfully, ambushed by a cat doesn’t seem like something what would come naturally. At least with polar bears and huskies they both are used to playing rough with their own.

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Friday Cat Fun #9 with a Guest Star. A Dolphin.

Fun but, pretty short. Why not see some more cat fun: Bunny and Kittens: Friday Cat Fun #5Cat running up a $300 water billDolphin Rescues Beached Whales

Friday Cat Fun #8: Cat Ridding a Roomba

This cat seems to enjoy the ride as a Roomba vacuums. My cat would always go crazy when the vacuum cleaner went on.

Buy a Roomba for your cat to ride. Or get your cat a camera and put their photography online. You can also shop for people with our selection of some science and engineering gadgets and gifts.

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Friday Cat Fun #7: Curious Cat and Boxes

See more adventures of this curious cat from Japan. Or see this one of a curious kid.

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Friday Fun: Tortoise and the Cat

Once again the tortoise show persistence can pay off:

a fierce little tortoise that would not allow a cat to invade what it perceived to be its territory. Instead, it actively sets about attacking and ultimately expelling the feline, which at first cannot believe the sheer audacity of this small but spirited creature.

Ever-encroaching urbanisation is just one of the onslaughts natural spaces around the world are facing. The killer tortoise of Port Elizabeth, South Africa as this little fellow has become known is a small but powerful symbol that some things are worth fighting for.

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Bunny and Kittens: Friday Cat Fun #5

Mom cat adopts bunny into her litter of kittens.

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Blinking Cats: Friday Cat Fun #4

Blinking Cats

What is your cat trying to tell you? A blinking cat is a happy cat. Blinking in cats is a signal that they recognize the presence of another cat in their vicinity but they are not going to fight it. A blink sends the message: “You are my friend. I am not angry. I am not threatened, or threatening.”

This kind of message is very important in the wild, where cats battle for territory. Run across a neighboring cat and you’d better make your intentions clear, or you may find yourself in a fight. The blink serves to say: all’s well here.

So, why do cats blink at us, when we aren’t cats and don’t understand such feline messages? Well — do you ever speak to your cat?

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Treadmill Cats: Friday Cat Fun #3

Have a nice day 🙂

Updated to a new treadmill call video as the old one was removed.

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