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Friday Fun: Cat and Owl Playing

This black cat and owl make very cute friends. They grew up together, follow their antics on the fum and gebra website. Other examples of interspecies fun: Cat and Crow FriendsBunny and KittensPolar Bears and HuskiesCats Connect with People, and Particularly Women, as Social Partners. Other times the interaction is surprising but not exactly friendly – The Cat and a Black Bear.

Rabbit Escapes Cat Attack

Fun video showing a rabbit doing what comes naturally.

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Friday Fun: Cat Parkour

When people try to match cats parkour abilities:

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Friday Fun: A Cat Adopts a Squirrel

A mother cat adopts a squirrel into her litter.

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Housecat Adopts Bobcat Kittens

3 bobcat kittens we rescued by Big Cat rescue.

Introductions like these can be very scary because the mother cat can be overly protective of her own kittens and fatally strike out at the new comers. President, Jamie Veronica, has had a considerable amount of experience in this area though and had taken every precaution to make sure it went as well as it possibly could. Bobbi turned out to be a dream come true for three little orphaned bobcats though. She immediately pulled them in close to nurse and began to bathe them. The little bobcat babies were so startled that they hissed at her!

She ignored their resistance and just kept on loving on them. Once they figured out that this strange smelling “bobcat” mom had the real deal to offer at her breasts, they were in love too.

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Friday Fun: Cats and Kids with iPads

So usable 2 year olds and cats can use them. Fun. Apple sold 500,000 in the first week and demand has outstripped their capacity to produce so they are delaying the international launch of iPad by one month, until the end of May. Google is rumored to have a similar device based on their open Android operating system. Let the games begin. I must admit the iPad seems fun but it seems mainly like hype to me. But I can believe tablet-netbooks could evolve into very cool and popular devices.

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Cat Fun: Rocky the Standing Cat

This cat can stand straight up for a long time. And it is a real cat not a Meerkat 🙂

Vidéo du chat qui se tient debout: “Il s’appelle Rocky et il sait aussi s’asseoir” (as translated by Google):

“His name is Rocky, he is 2 years old,” said Daisy.

“He started doing this about a year,” says Daisy. “Now it does more too because I rearranged the furniture, but when I made the video last fall, he could not see out the window if it did not make sense . But the window overlooking the rooftops, where there are often birds. So he gets up. ”

[why does Rocky move his arms in the middle of the video]?
“Maybe he wanted to rest, but waived them, or perhaps there was a bird “, launched Daisy. “Sometimes when he sees a dog growls, so perhaps there was one.”

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Snow Leopard Playing in the Snow in Ohio

Snow leopard playing in the snow in ohioPhoto by Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal

While many people were getting tired of the massive snowfall over the last week others are having fun, including some animals having Snow fun at the Akron Zoo

Shanti, a 1-year-old snow leopard that took up residence at the Akron Zoo last fall, thinks the snowfall and subfreezing temperatures are great fun, said David Barnhardt, director of marketing and guest services.

”It may be one of her first snowfalls,” Barnhardt said of the youngster that came to the zoo from The Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Mich. ”She’s literally doing back flips,” he said.

Also taking advantage of the snow and a respite from zoo visitors were red pandas, who thoroughly enjoyed playing outside, Barnhardt said.

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My furnace chose the start of this snowfall, to break so I am surviving a few days without central heating. Doing so reminds me of the conveniences I take for granted – like being warm in the winter. It also makes me think that it would be nice to have fur like a snow leopard for a few days.
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Friday Cat Fun #16: Cat Lift

And here is a cat taking a human elevator.
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Friday Cat Fun #15: Curious Cat Hat

Maru, a Scottish Fold, in Japan has his own cat blog. This is a second post on Maru: Friday Cat Fun #7: Curious Cat and Boxes

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Friday Cat Fun #14: Scuba Cat

The video was removed 🙁

Scuba cat with pal – scuba dog. What does scuba stand for? Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

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