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The title of the blog gives you an idea of the topics explored. To get a feel for our blog you may want to look in our popular post category and those posts I have tagged as my favorites, for posts such as: Camera for Your CatDiplomacy and Science ResearchRanking the Best Research UniversitiesEngineering Economic Success.

The author of this blog is John Hunter. I also author blogs on management and investing and manage web sites including: Curious Cat management portal, travel photos and Statistics for Experimenters) and a web site on the life and legacy of William Hunter (my father – a statistician, chemical engineer and industrial engineer). For more see my portfolio of web sites.

In this blog, I try to provide useful information on:

  • Economic impact of science and engineering – we will post about the macro economic and societal impacts of science and engineering: higher education, research funding, investments and political decisions and discussions. We believe science, engineering and technology can serve to improve living conditions around the world. We believe investments in science and engineering, research and higher education, will impact the economic success of countries and the world overall. The economics category contains posts on developments in this are and our thoughts on this topic.
  • Cool science and engineering research, facts, gadgets, etc.
  • Primary education (k-12) in science, math and engineering – we will post about the state of such education (research etc.), news and items of interest to teachers and students. We aim to be a resource that helps teachers and students learn about science and engineering. The K-12 category will be targeted at teachers and students. We are also trying a students category for items we think might be of particular interest to students (and we believe teachers might find useful as items to interest students in science and engineering).
  • Higher education (college, university, graduate school and other sources of advanced learning) – we will post about news about science and engineering higher education and items of interest to professor, students and those interested in higher education. The higher education category will be targeted at professors, students and those interested in higher education.
  • Highlight interesting science and engineering information – we will post about interesting science and engineering news and blog posts as we see it

“Wide-ranging blog, always covering interesting stuff.” – Confessions of a Science Librarian

What an interesting site, so many pertinent topics! – Joanne Loves Science

Segnaliamo per l’estate un blog che si occupa di scienze e di ingegneria in modo piacevole offrendo molti spunti interessanti – biblo (Università di Pisa – Engineering library)
Google translates (a bit awkwardly I image): “taken care of sciences and engineering in pleasant way offering many interesting cues”