Chinese Engineering Education Shortfalls

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Short article on Chinese engineering education – Many engineering majors not qualified to work by Rachel Yan

Experts made the claim at the Symposium of Multi- and Inter-Disciplinary Engineering Education at East China University of Science and Technology yesterday.

Among the country’s 23 million college students, about 8 million are studying engineering-related majors.

“In many aspects, China can be proud of its engineering education,” said Tu Shandong, vice president of ECUST.

“But an increasing number of employers began to raise the embarrassing question that engineering majors lack professional knowledge and have poor communication or teamwork skills,” he said.

Only 14 percent of engineering graduates become qualified engineers in the field. Most graduates give up a career as an engineer and pursue work in other industries within nine years, according to the university’s research.

The topic of graduates that are not internationally competitive continues to be discussed in relation to the international engineering education data comparisons (also see: Engineering Education Worldwide). It seems obvious that it is very difficult to grow the number of engineering graduates as quickly as China and India are while retaining the same capability per graduate. Acknowledging the challenge is better than pretending the number of graduates is the only factor.

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East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) web site.


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