Cat Fun: Rocky the Standing Cat

Posted on April 11, 2010  Comments (0)

This cat can stand straight up for a long time. And it is a real cat not a Meerkat 🙂

Vidéo du chat qui se tient debout: “Il s’appelle Rocky et il sait aussi s’asseoir” (as translated by Google):

“His name is Rocky, he is 2 years old,” said Daisy.

“He started doing this about a year,” says Daisy. “Now it does more too because I rearranged the furniture, but when I made the video last fall, he could not see out the window if it did not make sense . But the window overlooking the rooftops, where there are often birds. So he gets up. ”

[why does Rocky move his arms in the middle of the video]?
“Maybe he wanted to rest, but waived them, or perhaps there was a bird “, launched Daisy. “Sometimes when he sees a dog growls, so perhaps there was one.”

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