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Mother Polar Bear Giving Her Cub a Helping Paw

Another reminder to thank your mother. See previous at cat mom playing the hero.

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Backyard Wildlife: Bears

Here is a video of some bears wandering around in a backyard. This was the first time the owner saw bears in their backyard. The bears found a great source of food in the apple tree. It is exciting to see nature in our own backyards. Though admittedly most people could would rather have nature be limited to animals that cannot harm them or their family.

photo of a black bear in an apple tree

Black bear in an apple tree in a Ashville, North Carolina yard.

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Friday Fun: Mother Bear Rescues Cub From a Tree

Isn’t it great how the sibling seems to try and help the mother.

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Bear Defeats Combination Bear Lock

Bear-Proof Can Is Pop-Top Picnic for a Crafty Thief

Yellow-Yellow, a 125-pound bear named for two yellow ear tags that help wildlife officials keep tabs on her, has managed to systematically decipher a complex locking system that confounds even some campers.

“She’s quite talented,” said Jamie Hogan, owner of BearVault, based in San Diego. “I’m an engineer, and if one genius bear can do it, sooner or later there might be two genius bears. We’re trying to work on a new design that we can hopefully test on her.”

His company and New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation have cautioned campers in the Adirondacks against using the BearVault because of its vulnerability here. There have been no reports of the BearVault being regularly broken into anywhere else in the country.

So last year Mr. Hogan introduced the 450, a two-pound cylinder costing about $60, and a larger version, the 500, each with a second tab. On them, a camper must press in one tab, turn the lid partway, then press the second tab to remove the lid. “We thought, ‘O.K., well, one bump didn’t work so maybe two bumps will thwart her,'” he said.

But Yellow-Yellow figured that lid out, too.

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Polar Bears and Huskies

I posted about Polar Bear and Dogs previously. Now here is a video:

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