Toyota Operates High School in India

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Toyota Eyes India Market, Builds School to Get Edge

Built on a rugged hillside in southern India that is populated by wildcats [see below] and monkeys, Toyota’s sprawling technical training school, which opened last year, gives about 180 junior-high-school graduates an education in everything from dismantling transmissions to Japanese group exercises.

Toyota wants to turn students like Satish Lakshman, the son of a poor farmer, into a skilled employee who can boost the auto maker’s fortunes in this key emerging market. “We are learning discipline, confidence and continuous improvement,” says Mr. Lakshman, an energetic 18-year-old.

At the foundation of its growth plan is the Toyota Technical Training Institute. India’s auto market is growing at such a fast pace that skilled workers are in short supply. Toyota says the school will enable the company to develop the productive, skilled employees it needs.

Toyota has taken a similar approach in China, where it has helped the government run a technical training center since 1990. In India, rival auto makers are following Toyota’s lead. In September, Honda announced plans to open a technical college. Other car makers have formed partnerships with India’s technical institutes to improve training.

The school teaches students practical skills such as welding, auto assembly and maintenance. It also gives the young recruits a smattering of classes in such subjects as math, English and Japanese as well as lessons in the company’s cherished principles of consensus building, continuous improvement and eliminating waste.

Toyota is willing to invest in the long term. A much better sign than a company that is willing to pay their executives salaries that top the wealth of kings. Toyota also believes in education: Idle Workers Busy at Toyota.

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Wild cat scare at Toyota plant

On the heels of finding a leopard in the Mysore city limits, a wild cat, suspected to be a leopard, made a cameo near the Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI), located on the premises of the Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) plant in the Bidadi Industrial Area two days ago.

Following the spotting of the wild cat, the company sent an email to all its employees on Monday evening asking them not to venture out alone on the stretch between the National Part Centre (NPC) of TTTI and the Gate 1 of the plant.

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  1. Anonymous
    June 3rd, 2010 @ 11:01 am

    The new school sounds like a great idea. I especially like how they how they mix practical skill building classes with additional education. I feel it will make their worker more well rounded, in turn creating a greater quality product and working environment.

    As for the leopard near the TTTI plant that’s just strange.

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