Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics

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Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics (EYH)

EYH facilitates conferences for middle school and high school girls on science and math and information on careers involving math and science.

Over 625,000 young women have participated in the these conferences so far. Many of these conferences conduct concurrent programs for parents and educators so they may more effectively support young women and their technical aspirations.

A typical conference takes place on a Saturday at a local college or university and is attended by 200-500 young women from nearby middle schools and high schools. The schedule includes a keynote address encouraging girls to persist in mathematics and science courses, and two varieties of workshops.

In most of the workshops, young women participate in hands-on learning experiences led by women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. In other workshops, role models share career awareness information and discuss job satisfaction, necessary education, and descriptions of a typical day on the job.

List of conferences with contact information

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What Happens at an EYH Conference?


At an EYH conference, you will attend talks, participate in hands-on workshops, and meet with women scientists and engineers. You will also spend time with other girls who are thinking about their futures. Through these activities you will:

  • Experience the fun of math, science and engineering;
  • Learn about math and science-based careers;
  • Find out about the education required for these professions;
  • Discover what scientists do in a typical day;
  • Obtain first-hand information about the lives of women in science and the various paths leading to careers in the sciences.

Podcasts of previous events

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