Inspire Students to Study Math and Science

Posted on March 23, 2006  Comments (1)

Light a fire under students for math, science programs by Lisa Burdette – a student at Horseheads High School:

Upon reviewing the major points of the bill, however, I failed to find a specific focus on improving science and mathematics education in grades K-6. The bill seems to be geared toward secondary school students – those in junior high and high school – and even college students.

However, interest in science truly begins at the elementary level. A key component of improving the number of American scientists and engineers is igniting interest at a young age and nurturing that interest throughout a child’s education.

Educational television can help to interest a child in a subject. When I was young, I watched “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and “Magic School Bus,” and I learned much from those shows that I remember and utilize today. High school science teachers often use “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in their classrooms because it is such an excellent resource.

She does an excellent job presenting her position. And you have to love statement like “when I was young” from a high school student.

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