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Tinker School: Engineering Camp

photo of Drilling at the Tinker School

NPR had a nice story on kids taking risks (a compliment our post from a couple days ago: Kids Need Adventurous Play) Camp Offers Kids A Chance To Play With Fire. Tinkering School gives kids a chance to make real things they use (boats, motorized bikes, bristle bots…). Their blog is awesome.

The Tinkering School offers an exploratory curriculum designed to help kids – ages 7 to 17 – learn how to build things. By providing a collaborative environment in which to explore basic and advanced building techniques and principles, we strive to create a school where we all learn by fooling around. All activities are hands-on, supervised, and at least partly improvisational.

Parents/guardians will be expected to complete the big scary liability waiver.

Tinkering School is taught primarily by me, Gever Tulley, aided of course by my indispensable wife Julie Spiegler and the inimitable Robyn Orr. By day, I am a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, writer, and practicing sculptor…

I started the Tinkering School because it’s the kind of thing I would like to have been able to go to myself.

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Students at Powhatan Engineering Camp

Students attend Powhatan’s first-ever engineering camp

The 28 students participating in the first-ever Powhatan County Schools engineering camp spent eight days doing hands-on activities like building model amusement park rides and suspension bridges, and taking field trips to see engineering in action. They visited the Richmond Times Dispatch’s production facility, where they observed robots shuttling stacks of paper back and forth, and the Watkins Center, where they observed engineers at work on a construction site.

The group even enjoyed a presentation from a NASA engineer, who spoke of his experience working on the Mars rover.

These engineering camps help kids enjoy their naturally inquisitive minds – which unfortunately they don’t get to do often enough.

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US Navy Sponsored Technology Summer Camp

US Navy plants a new seed of future engineers

When 14-year-old Dayne Savory first heard about a summer camp on technology in suburban Maryland, he had no idea that he would become so interested in science and engineering.

“Even though engineering was not one of my first options, now I will consider it. After attending this program I realized that I was able to do this,” Long Island resident Savory said.

Worried about the steep decline in U.S. science and engineering graduates, U.S. institutions such as the Navy and the NAVSEA — the command in charge of building, buying and maintaining the Navy’s ships- are promoting technology camps and competitions around the country. They’re doing it through partnerships with a growing number of associations such as the nonprofit Seat Pleasant, Md.-based Patriots Technology Training Center.

The students built underwater robots and held a competition on July 3 at Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex.

Thurman Jones, president of the Patriots Technology Training Center, said that the number of participants grows every year. To support this summer’s edition -as well as other programs organized by the Patriots Center — the U.S. Navy and the NAVSEA provided more than $100,000 worth of in cash, technical equipment and volunteers, according to Jones.

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Toy and Entertainment Engineering Camp

via our post suggestion page, this Toy and Entertainment Engineering camp looks interesting (for students or a teacher) to me.

My name is Rebecca and I work for a Branded Camp Services. We design and operate residential academic summer camps for high school students.

This year, at Union College in Schenectady, we will be offering a course in Toy and Entertainment Engineering. I’m looking to hire an
energetic teacher for both two-week sessions in July. Most of our teachers are currently in graduate school or recent graduates. This
class is brand new and we’re having a harder time recruiting because of its specialized nature.

Thanks! You can apply by writing me at Rebecca at