Buy Your Own Electron Microscope

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Buy your own electron microscope from the state of South Carolina, USA.

You will be bidding on a Hitachi Electron Microscope and Accessories Lot (detailed info below). The agency is reporting the basic scope worked when last operated about two years ago. The x-ray detector computer is broken but that is an add-on accessory feature that does not affect operation as an electron microscope. Also, the forepumps and air compressor are missing. These two items will need to be replaced before someone attempts to use it. This is an old electron microscope but is good for basic microscopy. The electron microscope has been disassembled and palletized by the Medical University of South Carolina. This equipment was used by the Medical University of South Carolina and is located in North Charleston, South Carolina. The overall condition of this property is unknown to the Surplus Property Office.

Detailed Lot Info:

  1. Hitachi H7000 Electron Microscope
  2. Kevex Computer (model Delta)
  3. Kevex Monitor
  4. Okidata Printer (model 320)
  5. Hitachi KS55 Camera

Current bid: $460. Auction expires 5 June 2009 at 3 PM USA Eastern Time. Getting the equipment to your location will likely cost much more than that.

This item is for pickup only at the Medical University of South Carolina in North Charleston, South Carolina. The winning bidder is responsible for the loading and removal of this property. MUSC will try to assist if employees are available during the loading.

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  1. Shawn
    June 26th, 2009 @ 11:51 am

    Oh no seems like i missed on a great deal ;-(

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