Yogurts Used to Combat Superbugs

Posted on November 6, 2008  Comments (0)

Yoghurts used to combat superbugs

Dieticians at Addenbrooke’s have said evidence suggested the yoghurt might cut the risk of contracting C.diff. Caroline Heyes, dietetic services manager at Addenbrooke’s hospital, said: “Probiotic yoghurts may play a role in preventing C.difficile infection so we have been running a pilot on three of the care of the elderly wards for six months.

“We can’t say for sure how much of that benefit is down to the yoghurt and how much they are down to a whole range of infection control procedures that the hospital has in place such as the deep cleaning programme, the bare-below-the-elbow programme, and the increased isolation procedures,” Ms Heyes said.

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