Mars Rover Continues Exploration

Posted on September 23, 2008  Comments (5)

Mars Rover

Ageing Mars rover to embark on epic two-year journey

The ageing but intrepid Mars rover Opportunity is set to embark on a two-year mission it may never complete – a seven-mile journey to a crater far bigger than one it has called home for two years, NASA have revealed.

The golf-cart-sized robot with a wobbly front wheel climbed out of Victoria crater earlier this month and scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California are steering the probe toward a crater more than 20 times larger, dubbed Endeavor.

There are also small rocks strewn about the surface on the route, which appear to have been dug up by meteor impacts farther away. This will give scientists the chance to examine material that otherwise would be too deep to reach. Opportunity still has the use of all six of its wheels, though the right front wheel can no longer be steered.

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5 Responses to “Mars Rover Continues Exploration”

  1. Eric Shan
    September 24th, 2008 @ 11:30 am

    remotely driving that rover must be a pretty cool you have any other more pics on the rover? thanks for the nice post!!!🙂

  2. Pete
    October 4th, 2008 @ 8:55 am

    The rover has done a remarkable job and it is amazing it is still active and far outlived it’s predicted lifespan. If only everything that went to mars was this successful!

  3. vinay
    October 17th, 2008 @ 6:58 am

    kool…the rover is amazing and probably it could search for life on mars. can u post the recent discoveries done by rover.. so that i can update my blog

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    June 16th, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

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