Ruby on Rails Job Opportunity

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I, John Hunter, work for the American Society for Engineering Education (Information Technology Program Manager): my work on this blog is not associated with ASEE and the opinions I express are mine and not those of ASEE. That said, we are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer at ASEE, in Washington DC. So please apply, if you are interested.

I could list details but essentially we develop web applications using Ruby on Rails. We are seeking someone with the experience and skill to be an immediately productive member of a team working on rails applications. They will need to be able to code features with little supervision and follow ruby on rails and our coding conventions. Programmers are given responsibility but within our conventions – this has been something we have slipped on prior to moving to Ruby on Rails but now we are focused on doing this well.

We do have a senior Ruby expert so we do have a senior person to assign the most complex tasks to. We are very focused on following best practices in ruby and ruby on rails development. And we are very focused on creating applications that follow rails, and ASEE coding conventions in order to maximize performance and minimize life cycle costs. My experience indicates that as a programmer shows they can take on more responsibility they will be given more responsibility.

The ideal candidate will love Ruby on Rails. For those of you who are not programmers loving your job might seem odd. But a large number of those that develop using Ruby on Rails do. And those will fit in well. Those that don’t appreciate the beauty of Ruby code can still succeed in this position, but might feel out of step with how we work. Contact Keith Mounts or me if you are interested. We are looking to hire a permanent employee that will work in our office, but we may consider hiring a contractor that could work remotely on a 3 to 6 month project that we have recently started.

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  1. CuriousCat: Ruby on Rails Job Opportunity
    August 16th, 2008 @ 5:20 pm

    Just a note that the Ruby on Rails job opportunity I posted about earlier is still available…

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