Scientific American Frontiers Webcasts

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All shows of the PBS TV show, Scientific American Frontiers are available online. The shows feature Alan Alda exploring a wide range of scientific ideas. Specific information for teachers if provided for each show. Shows include:

  • Going Deep – “In 1977, scientists aboard Alvin were exploring the Galapagos Rift in the Pacific Ocean when they made one of the most important discoveries in modern biology. Hydrothermal vents are underwater volcanoes erupting magma-heated, mineral-rich water out of cracks on the seafloor thousands of feet beneath the surface. Despite the enormous pressure and total darkness, the vents were found to support an astonishing array of animal life.”
  • The Dark Side of the Universe – Dark matter, dark energy and the universe.
  • Natural Born Robots – “The next generation of robots swim like fish, play soccer and even experience emotions.”
  • Science and Sports – “Science enables people to run quicker, climb higher, hit farther, and sail faster in this sports special.”

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