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Posted on March 8, 2008  Comments (2)

For the month of February the Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog had visitors from 140 countries. Granted, quite a few of those countries had fewer than 5 total visits. The top 12 countries were USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and France. Other countries include South Africa 23rd most visits (and 1st for Africa), Brazil 24 (1st for South America), Singapore 30, Japan 31, China 34.

We also received visits from: Ghana, Nepal, Botswana, Bahrain, Mali, Kazakhstan and Faroe Islands. No visits were registered from: Mongolia, Chad, Madagascar and Paraguay.

Those who read us only via RSS feed might not have noticed we added a tag cloud this month. So you can find, among other things: some of our favorite postsanswers to why…bacteria related postspost on economic topics and fun posts.

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2 Responses to “Visitors to the Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog”

  1. Berci Mesko
    March 9th, 2008 @ 5:21 am

    You can add Hungary as well. 🙂

  2. Guille
    March 10th, 2008 @ 2:47 am

    Add Argentina too, I’m an assiduous reader of this blog.

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