Stephen Hawking Joins Attack on Science Cuts

Posted on December 28, 2007  Comments (0)

Stephen Hawking joins attack on science cuts

The Council, which funds public research in particle physics and astronomy, has to save £80 million over the next three years because of lack of Government funding. To add insult to injury, Nature reports that the Government has also raided a similar amount – £93 million – from the money raised from patents by the Medical Research Council, an act which has been condemned as a “breach of faith” by the Royal Society.

The newest category I added was for funding a month ago. This is another example of the important role funding plays in science. And is a reminder that political realities affect government funding science will receive. As I said earlier this month: If the science and engineering community are not well represented to our representatives the interests of the science and engineering community will get short changed. Many working is science don’t want to be involved in the political debate but those who are involved play an important role.

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