Report on Faculty Salaries

Posted on April 13, 2007  Comments (0)

Report on Faculty Salaries:

Law professor’s top the pay charts, full professors averaging $121,301. Engineering full professors come in second averaging $102,954 (Business, management… was third at $98,384). More full professor averages: Computer Science $91,181; Math and Statistics $77,963. See report for more details. If I read the report right Engineering has the 3rd highest rate of full professors (full professors/all professors) at 45% – I find that surprising.

The figures are shown for what the report calls “un-weighted” average. Essentially this is an average by institution. Which are lower than the average for professors (as the big institution who have more professors also pay more on average). For Engineering he “weighted” average is $112,530. Others: Computer Science $102,427; Math and Statistics $87,281; Business $106,828.

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