Quake Lifts Island Ten Feet Out of Ocean

Posted on April 12, 2007  Comments (3)

Island lifted by earthquake

Quake Lifts Island Ten Feet Out of Ocean:

Residents of Ranongga island in the South Pacific Ocean sit on a massive coral reef that was exposed by the magnitude 8.1 earthquake that struck in the Solomon Islands last week, sparking a deadly tsunami. The quake lifted Ranongga ten feet (three meters) out of the sea, widening beaches by up to 230 feet (70 meters), according to news reports. The uplift has left some of the island’s pristine coral reefs fatally exposed.

“These are not unusual occurrences for an earthquake of this magnitude,” said Rick MacPherson of the Coral Reef Alliance in San Francisco, California. “During the Asian tsunami two years ago, Banda Aceh [in Indonesia], stretching down almost the extent of the peninsula, experienced similar uplift.”

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    “They estimate that the diversity of species represents about 65% of what was present before the atomic tests. The ecologists think the nearby Rongelap Atoll is seeding the Bikini Atoll, and the lack of human disturbance is helping its recovery…”

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