Leading Causes of Death

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The leading causes of death, Chart showing the odd of death in the USA:

Heart Disease – 20% then Cancer – 14% then Stroke – 4%
also (Motor Vehicle accident – 1% Suicide – 1% Falling – .5% Gun shot – .3%)

CDC’s report on the leading causes of death in the USA in 2004: Heart Disease 27%, Cancer 23%, Strokes 6%, Chronic lower respiratory diseases (emphysema…) 5%, accidents 4.5%, Diabetes 3%, Alzheimer’s 2.7%, Influenza and pneumonia 2.5%… (FYI, homicide is .7% the 16th leading cause, or very close to it)

What are the odds of dying? provides details on deaths due to injuries and includes a sensible disclaimer:

The odds given below are statistical averages over the whole U.S. population and do not necessarily reflect the chances of death for a particular person from a particular external cause. Any individual’s odds of dying from various external causes are affected by the activities in which they participate, where they live and drive, what kind of work they do, and other factors.

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