Pakistan Engineering Education

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HEC’s Unconvincing Mega Projects by Pervez Hoodbhoy:

The on-going efforts at reforming higher education are turning into a disaster. Billions are being spent on mindless mega projects. The 15-fold increase in the funding of Pakistani universities over the last six years may have delivered a marginal improvement, but it is superficial and likely to be temporary.

a realistic and modest course of action with real chances of success would have to be designed differently. We should initially aim for, at the very most, two properly planned new engineering universities under the collective authority of the European Union. We also need external help for adding engineering departments to existing universities, and to massively upgrade existing ones. It is still not too late to ask for this.

While I have no knowledge of the this situation in Pakistan the thoughts expressed in the essay make sense to me. I support investing in science and engineering education as a aid to economic growth and societal well being. But that investment must work with the existing local situation.

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