Lean Enterprise Value Student Publication Prize

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I received an email on the Lean Enterprise Value Student Publication Prize, I don’t see the announcement online, so I’ll include the information I was sent below. For more information on lean thinking see our Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog: lean manufacturing posts.

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Lean Enterprise Value Foundation, Inc. Student Publication Prize Call for Submissions

The Prize will consist of $500 and an engraved memento to be presented at the Lean Aerospace Initiative Plenary Conference in Cambridge, Maryland on April 17–19, 2007

Author: Any student at a US university. There may be co-authors and co-researchers but the entrant should be the principal author.

Paper: Published or unpublished (journal style) papers, or parts of a book or larger paper that has the potential to contribute to transformation in enterprises based on the concepts of Lean Enterprise Value. If published, the paper should have appeared within the last three calendar years, 2004 through 2006. If unpublished, the significant parts of the paper should have been prepared within those three years. Reviews and restatements are not eligible. The paper should not exceed 9,000 words. It should be written in the English language.

Entry Process
An electronic version (PDF preferred) of the paper should be sent via e-mail to levprize@mit.edu by February 28, 2007. The e-mail should: be from the principal author; state that the work meets the eligibility criteria for the prize; and include contact information and university affiliation of the author.

Selection Process
Authors of the Lean Enterprise Value book will select the winning paper based upon the following criteria:
Relevance: Subject shows potential or promise for enabling transformation in concert with the principles described in the book.
Creativity: Innovation, and novelty of insights, analysis, subject, or interpretations.
Quality: Research described is well executed and written up, i.e., attention and attribution to what is known; and
analysis, logic and conclusions are sound.

• Results of the judging will be announced by March 23, 2007.
• The winning paper and author will be featured on the LAI and LAI EdNet websites
• Questions should be addressed to levprize@mit.edu
2006 Awardee

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