Strawjet: Invention of the Year, 2006

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Invent Now 2006 Modern Marvel of the Year (links all broken by History Channel, so links were removed, – when will we finally have people in charge of websites that understand basic usability fundamentals?):

The Strawjet is a farm implement that processes straw (wheat, flax, sunflower, tobacco, hemp, etc.) in the field (after the plant has been harvested) into a mat, similar to a large bamboo window blind. This is used to construct composite building panels in much the same way as fiberglass or carbon fiber; however, the Strawjet uses a binder made from paper pulp, clay and cement rather than plastic resin.

Update, 2013: Also I added this webcast from 2009

Read (except they broke all the links so you can’t) about more finalists in the History Channel and Invent Now Inventor contest:

  • Dr. David L. Cull, Hemoaccess Valve System
  • Kristin A. Hrabar, Illuminated Nutdriver
  • Dr. Sundaresan Jayaraman, Wearable Motherboard (Smart Shirt)
  • Robert C. Kelly, Resc-hue Lite Line

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