Electron Clouds

Posted on May 7, 2006  Comments (0)

From my favorite science teacher blog, Ms. Frizzle, the Electron Cloud Analogy:

Okay, so suppose we wanted to draw a map of where Tiana is at 10 am on a Wednesday. We could draw the school, because we know exactly where that is, and we could draw this classroom inside the school. But how do we show where Tiana is? Is she always in exactly the same place at that time? No…. but we know where she is most likely to be: in this classroom, in science class, in her seat. But she sometimes changes seats, or gets up and moves to a different part of the classroom. And once in a while, she leaves the room

This is kind of like the electron cloud diagram – the darker areas tell you that the electrons are more likely to be there, although we don’t know that for absolutely certain, and the lighter areas are places where electrons could be, but more rarely.

Learning science from Ms. Frizzle sure seems like it would be fun.

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