Indian Institute of Technology Madras Engineering Festival

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Shaastra 2005 – the spirit of engineering – ITT Madras, India. The main sponsor of the event was SAP, co-sponsors Google and GE, the media sponsor was the Hindu Express. One more indication of how international the world has become.

Spread over a period of five days in the month of October, Shaastra is a veritable engineer’s paradise where fervent enthusiasts participate in intense contests, witness spectacular demonstrations, assimilate world-class lectures, avail of informative workshops and do much more.

Chennai online article on Shaastra:

Competitions are the mainstay of Shaastra, but most competitions here are hands-on, requiring participants to actually create something using their engineering skill to meet particular objectives. This time, participants can try their hand at making missiles to hit a particular target or make programs to hack into a secure system. For the first time, a competition especially for inventors – students will have to create hardware design to solve any real life problem…this could be anything, from the mundane (automatic back scratchers) to the sophisticated (jet propelled race cars!).

The ethos of IIT has always been to engineer for society. Shaastra takes up the cudgels for the less favoured by encouraging engineering design solutions to real life problems posed by the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) which encourages invention in the rural areas to target local difficulties. Winners of the ‘Engenious’ competition will even be funded by NIF to get their product in a marketable form!

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