Indian Institute of Technology – Female Students

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Women at IIT an endangered species, Anjali Joseph, Times of India:

Women students in IIT Mumbai are a tiny percentage. “There are 34 girls and over 500 boys in our year,” says first year civil engineering student Vidushi Jain.

‘Women engineers are on increase’, Express India:

There is a ‘spectacular’ increase in the number of girls entering engineering courses in the country for the last three and a half decades but the northern India has still to catch up, Prof S P Sukhatme, former chairman, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, said.

From a mere one girl student, who was admitted at the University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, in early 1970s, the number of girls joining engineering colleges has steadily increased and in 2005 it stands at 15 per cent of the total admission, Sukhatme said.

The women engineers were mostly specialised in electrical civil, computer and information technology, it added.

The revolution in women joining engineering courses was witnessed mostly in the southern states starting with Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, ‘the northern India with an exception of Delhi, has to improve its position’.

Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay

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