Scientists and Engineers in Congress

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This is a list of scientists and engineers in the Congress of the USA.

Congressmen with science and engineering PhDs
Name State PhD notes Link
Vernon Ehlers Michigan physics bio
Rush Holt New Jersey physics bio
John Olver Massachusetts chemistry bio
Brian Baird Washington psychology bio
Bill Foster Illinois physics bio
Congressmen with science, technology, engineering and math backgrounds
Name State BS Master’s Degree/PhD Link
Sen. Ted Kaufman Delaware mechanical engineering bio
Parker Griffith Alabama Zoology and Chemistry MD
Bill Cassidy Louisiana biochemistry MD
Parker Griffith Alabama Zoology and Chemistry MD
Jerry McNerney California mathematics PhD bio
Ron Paul Texas biology MD bio
Kurt Schrader Oregon Dr. of Veterinary Medicine
Dan Lipinski Illinois mechanical engineering engineering-economic systems (MS) bio
Cliff Stearns Florida electrical engineering bio
Todd Akin Mississippi management engineering bio
Joe Barton Texas industrial engineering bio
Joseph Cao Louisiana physics
Brett Guthrie Virginia Mathematical economics
Gregg Harper Mississippi chemistry
Martin Heinrich New Mexico engineering
Mike Honda California biological sciences bio
Cynthia Lummis Wyoming animal science and biology
Pete Olson Texas computer science (BA)
Erik Paulsen Minnesota mathematics (BA)
Sen. Jack Reed Rhode Island engineering bio
John M. Shimkus Illinois general engineering bio
Louise Slaughter New York microbiology bio
Pete Stark California engineering bio
Name State BS Master’s Degree/PhD Link

The current USA administration cabinet: Steven Chu secretary of energy, PhD University of California at Berkeley in Physics, NSF National Graduate Research Fellow, 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator (of “cabinet rank”), is a summa cum laude graduate of Tulane University’s School of Chemical Engineering and earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University.

The Bush Administration (Nov 2008), in the cabinet had one scientist (as far as I could tell at the time): Samuel W. Bodman, secretary of energy, chemical engineering BS and ScD (Dr. of Science) at MIT (and for 6 years was an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT). Stephen L. Johnson, EPA administrator (of “cabinet rank”) has a BA in biology and MS in Pathology.

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Were listed but no longer serve in Congress:

Name State BS Master’s Degree/PhD Served
Nancy Boyda Kansas chemistry 2006-2008