Jetsone Jetplane Over English Channel

Posted on September 8, 2008  Comments (1)

photo of personal jet wings

We first posted on Yves Rossy’s personal jetpack in 2006. Now he is preparing to fly over the English channel with this jetwings.

The plan is that on or around September 24, Yves will climb into a light aircraft somewhere near Calais with his wing firmly strapped on to his back and a live television crew from the National Geographic Channel filming his every move.

When the plane is at 8,000ft, he will fire up the four little jet engines attached to the underside of the wing and then jump out. In the plane, the wingtips are always folded or Yves would not fit through the door. Once in the open air, he will pull a cord and the two spring-loaded ends will snap open to give him a full wing span of just over eight feet.

He will open up his engines, dive for a few seconds to pick up a speed of around 200mph and then level out at around 5,000ft before flying in a straight line at roughly 115mph to England. As long as the wind is not above 10mph in the opposite direction, he should have enough juice to get him to Kent.

There, he will pull his parachute ripcords and drop safely on to Blighty’s fair shores.

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