Non-Vaccination Risks

Posted on February 13, 2008  Comments (0)

I think one nice thing about blogs is that you get personal instead of corporate politically correct speak, at times. If you don’t like that you might not want to read – Vaccination Woo Nutz Are Getting Up My Nose Today:

And here lies the part where I start getting ticked off. First, these knuckleheads took one of their unvaccinated children to a region of the world that apparently fails to meet WHO targets for measles vaccination. Not to mention a country which seems to have had very recent measles “outbreaks”. Seems like you might want an abundance of caution, right? Maybe not jump right back to school with a host of unvaccinated kids. But they did. And all of a sudden it is a public health nightmare. Which has very real consequences for a very large segment of your community.

Freedom has responsibility for those that care about people and society. Choosing to risk others because of your actions is something I find uncivil, callous and disrespectful to those you put at risk. If you choose to take actions which risk others it is your responsibility to mitigate those risks to others.

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