Fancy Camera Flash Trigger

Posted on January 24, 2008  Comments (0)

Some neat discussion of the engineering behind the RadioPopper P1 is included on the site:

The RadioPopper was designed to solve specific problems faced by event and wedding photographers. Most of us already own a pair or more of the various pro flash units from our camera manufacturers. These flashes are tied closely to the metering systems of our cameras

Radio flash triggering devices allow a more consistent triggering means – but they lack any ability to dynamically adjust the flash power as the situation changes.

With RadioPopper you’re no longer forced to choose between usability and reliability. Enjoy all the utility and features built into your existing Canon and Nikon flash units while overcoming the single weak link of the wireless system – the “line of sight” infrared communication setup.

The radiopopper blog has interesting posts and discussion. Via: Engineering for the People – Radio Triggers

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