Nanotechnology Investment as Strategic National Economic Policy

Posted on August 16, 2007  Comments (2)

We have quite a few posts on the intersection of science, research, economic, investment… such as: Diplomacy and Science Research, Science and Engineering in Global Economics and Engineering the Future Economy. Here is another example, from the Wired Science BlogBeating the United States in the Race for Nanotechnology:

When the United States began the National Nanotechnology Initiative, it became clear to a number of small countries including Singapore, Taiwan, and Israel that it was time to invest heavily in similar frontier areas of science. With a level of decisiveness and determination comparable to the efforts of the United States after the launch of Sputnik, Singapore quickly became a global niche player in nanotechnology.

It’s fascinating to hear a high ranking government official who is so incredibly technology savvy and focused on economic development through investment in science. It makes the current climate in the U.S. look really bad, but on the other hand the other countries followed our lead. Since then, they have sort of outdone us at our own game.

Singapore is doing the right things to invest in a science and engineering economy. 10 minute webcast of Foreign Minister George Yeo at the 3rd International Conference on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology:

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