Try to Answer 6 Basic Science Questions

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The Guardian newspaper (UK) asked 8 people (including 3 scientists) answer science questions such as: why does salt dissolve in water, why is the sky blue? and roughly how old is the earth?:

Q: Is a clone the same as a twin?
Will Self No.
Iain Stewart Yes, er, I think… oh God, it’s probably not. But I think it has to be, doesn’t it?
John O’Farrell No. How could it be the same? That’s not how cloning works, is it?
Susan Greenfield Yes. An identical twin.
Daisy Goodwin As an identical twin? That’s quite interesting. No. Well, I’m not sure about that. I’d say no. But maybe yes. I’m baffled.
Kirsty Wark No. But there’s two different kinds of twin. You have to give me a point for that!
Robert Winston Well, not necessarily. It’s not genetically the same actually, no. You see, it depends on the kind of twin. Do you mean an identical twin? Identical twins are different in all sorts of ways. It’s different epigenetics and there’s different mitochondrial DNA, so it’s a different organism. Actually, what we’re beginning to understand is that the epigenetic aspects of cloning are fundamentally very important. And twins are rather more dissimilar than people imagine, too. For example, they have different fingerprints from each other, so there are quite interesting and subtle differences.
Marina Warner Yes it is. Well, identical twins are clones, not non-identical twins.
Answer: Yes, up to a point (see Robert Winston’s answer).

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