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Wakamaru Robot

The Wakamaru Robot Blog is only in published in Japanese (and infrequently updated). You can get the site translated to english but I have a feeling the translation is not that great, the start of the last post:

Recently, the daughter inside (1st it is elementary schools grade, still), “0 your [tsu] [te], [ero] it was and” with it reached the point where you say. 
As for Suzuki of the father generation, already the @ (*) the @ (the ear is intention of [danbo]). By the way, method of catching suitable the [tsu] [te] which is different informing by the country it increased the yellow which is the color of wakamaru?

At the end of each post it has a nice note on comments: “< Note > As for the comment which deviates from the gist of this plan, it is not possible to publish. Please acknowledge beforehand.”

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