8 Year Old Math Prodigy Corrects Science Exhibit

Posted on February 9, 2007  Comments (0)

Math prodigy corrects Discovery Place (Phb broke the link so I removed it):

The exhibit had traveled to eight cities in four years. “And no one found this mistake — I just couldn’t believe it,” Briere said. The equations were developed at the Ontario Science Center, a museum similar to Discovery Place. The Canada museum will likely mail a new display for the pyramid to Charlotte by the end of the month, Briere said.

Find the Error…

A jelly bean has a volume of about 1 cubic cm.This container is half a pyramid.
Its base measures 46 cm by 23 cm and its height is 72 cm.
Here’s the formula to find the volume: 1/3 x base area x height.
Now divide your answer by 2 since this is half a pyramid.
Now multiply your answer by 0.9 to account for spaces between the jelly beans.
The answer should be 22,853.

Did you find the error? (it would be better with a photo but I can’t find one.

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