NSF Strategic Plan

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National Science Foundation Investing in America’s Future Strategic Plan FY 2006-2011

We will support transformational research and promote excellence in science and engineering education in ways that will fuel innovation, stimulate the economy, and improve quality of life. We will also nurture the vibrant and innovative science and engineering enterprise necessary to achieve these goals and stimulate broader participation in this enterprise throughout the nation.

That is pretty broad strokes but they have details and recognizable changes in attitude also.

abroad. Increasing international competition and workforce mobility, combined with a surge in international collaboration in science and engineering research, continue to alter the science and engineering landscape worldwide. To lead within this broader global context, the U.S. science and engineering workforce must build greater capacity for productive international collaboration.

More priorities: “Promote transformational, multidisciplinary research.” “Prepare a diverse, globally engaged STEM workforce.” “Engage and inform the public in science and engineering through informal education.” “Identify and support the next generation of large research facilities.” “Expand efforts to broaden participation from underrepresented groups and diverse institutions in all NSF activities.”

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