Floating Windmills: Power at Sea

Posted on January 8, 2007  Comments (1)

Floating Windmills (they broke the link – when will sites lean how to obey basic usability practices?):

A demonstration project is currently being planned based on wind turbines with a power generation capacity of 3 megawatt (MW). The windmills will reach 80 meters above the sea’s surface and will have a rotor diameter of about 90 meters.

According to plans, the demonstration project will start operating in 2007. We eventually envision wind turbines with a power capacity of 5 MW and a rotor diameter of approximately 120 meters.

“The future goal is to have large-scale offshore wind parks with up to 200 turbines capable of producing up to 4 terawatt hours (TWh) per year and delivering renewable electricity to both offshore and onshore activities. This goal is far in the future, but if we’re to succeed in 10-15 years, we have to start the work today,” Bech Gjørv says.

For photos see: Offshore Wind Turbine Farms

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  1. CuriousCat: Home Engineering - Windmill for Electricity
    July 3rd, 2007 @ 5:05 pm

    “The windmill now powers lights for 3 rooms and a light over our porch outside. I also use it to power my family’s two radios. I also can charge mobile phones that the neighbors have…”

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