NASA Tests Robots at Meteor Crater

Posted on November 27, 2006  Comments (1)

John Hunter at Meteor Crater

NASA Auditions Robots for Lunar Exploration Missions

Arizona’s famous Meteor Crater is a long way from the Moon. But for a menagerie of intelligent robots hoping to earn supporting roles in NASA’s lunar exploration plans, the massive impact crater west of Flagstaff is center stage.

In September, several such robots and an autonomous Moon buggy called Scout were put through their paces in the rough desert terrain. During a two-week campaign conducted by NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies team — a collection of government, university and industry scientists and engineers known as the Desert Rats — the robots demonstrated their ability to work side-by-side with space-suited researchers, helping with the kinds of tasks that actual astronauts will have to perform as they begin exploring the Moon and establishing outposts.

The photo shows me at Meteor Crater. I visited it, and some other sites in Arizona, a few years ago. It is interesting but hardly seems that amazing to me More travel photos: Glacier National Park, Kenya, Rocky Mountain National Park, New York City.

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