100 Innovations for 2006

Posted on November 20, 2006  Comments (2)

Popular Science has selected the Best of What’s New. Previous posts talk about some of these, such as: One Laptop Per Child, New Soccer Ball, Grand Canyon Skywalk. And they discuss other breakthroughs like: Memory Spot, Sony Reader. They seem to be stretching a bit to reach 100 – still there are some cool items and it is a fun read. And where are some others: Lifestraw, Lego Mindstorm, Re-engineered Wheelchair

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2 Responses to “100 Innovations for 2006”

  1. CuriousCat: Six Cool Ideas
    November 21st, 2007 @ 6:50 pm

    “Vicki Colvin has invented a new, astonishingly easy way to clean the water supply: Sauté a teaspoon of rust in a mixture of oil and lye, which breaks down the rust into nano-sized pieces. Retrieve the rust particles with a household magnet. Then…”

  2. CuriousCat: Deep-Sea Denizen Inspires New Polymers
    March 10th, 2008 @ 9:44 pm

    “Stealing a trick from a tiny, pickle-shaped creature that dwells in the depths of the ocean, scientists have designed a new polymer that, when exposed to water, can instantly change its rigidity and strength…”

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