How Many Engineers?

Posted on November 2, 2006  Comments (0)

Brian Hollar comments on the comments of MIT President, Charles Vest in Wither the Engineers?:

I fully agree with all of this. Some of the best counsel I got when I was co-oping at DuPont during my junior year of college was when one of the other engineers told me: “Every engineer is good at math. What will set you apart is your ability to communicate — both written and spoken.” This has indeed been absolutely true in my own career.

My guess is that there are a roughly optimal number of Americans entering the engineering profession to meet industry demand. Unfortunately, that number is not as high as deans of engineering schools or university presidents would like it to be.

A good read. I believe there is a difference between equilibrium for the individuals who choose to be engineers (or something else) and the equilibrium that is best for the economy of the country. The many advantages that having a strong engineering workforce is a huge part of why China, Singapore, Korea, India, USA, China, Mexico and many others are investing in that area.

This is how I want those investing in our economy to think: if we want a strong economy with good jobs we need to invest in a strong engineering workforce, a supporting legal system and effective capital markets. All of us living in America benefit from this now.

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