Engineering Jobs in Mexico

Posted on September 14, 2006  Comments (0)

Maquila sunrise: Jobs headed back to Mexico:

What we see in Mexico today are things that have more engineering. And the reason why that is occurring is that it’s good to have your engineers in proximity to your manufacturing due to the fact that changes can be implemented much more quickly than if your center for manufacture is halfway around the world.

Today, Mexico’s pumping out more jet engines, semiconductors, and engine harnesses than its old staples like textiles and basic electronics. And that’s creating jobs for Mexican engineers inside the maquilas, like the Gulfstream Aerospace plant in Mexicali.

Read more about lean manufacturing (Toyota Production System) that values the performance improvement over short term savings on our management improvement blog. The kind of thing that allows Toyota to make a great deal of money manufacturing in the USA while Ford and GM can’t seem to do as well.

The hiring of engineers is another example why manufacturing is so important to an economy (other valuable jobs like engineering are associated with it). And another example of why having engineers is so important (without them convincing manufacturers to move will be difficult (and those you do will often be short sited companies that don’t provide the value to an economy that companies like Toyota do).

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