Work for Stephen Hawking

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There is an opportunity to work as the Graduate Assistant to Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time and much more.

The role of ‘Graduate Assistant to Professor Hawking’ is funded as a research post at the University of Cambridge. Normally it is under a 12 month contract, although sometimes the contract is extended to up to 2 years.

The post is available to recent graduates holding a Maths, Physics or Computer Science degree and a full driving licence. Responsibilities include:

* Managing Professor Hawking’s national and international travel. Expect to spend around 3 months out of the UK
* Preparation of lecture graphics and public speaking
* Dealing with the media and press
* Development of Professor Hawking’s computer systems
* Maintenance of computer and medical equipment
* Answering inquiries from the public and maintaining the website
* Departmental and administrative roles

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