Girls in Science and Engineering

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Best of Our Knowledge podcast from December 2005, Queens University in Ontario, Canada.

In this podcast they explore the Smith College summer science program for high school girls.

According to Smith College, 75% of the program’s graduates say it increased their interest in science and their confidence. Each summer girls spend a full month in research courses as varied as: Designing Intelligent Robots; Telescopes and Astronomical Imaging; and, Genetics and Ecology.

In my opinion this is exactly the type of program we should encourage. I think given the data on diversity in science and engineering we need to make some efforts to encourage under-represented groups. And programs such as this can help increase the diversity in the pipeline.

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics on the air offers related podcasts online, including:

Engineering Teams:

One program at The University of Maryland School of Engineering, a college in the Northeast, allows young college women to participate with hands-on research projects. What’s unique about this program is that the young women are working exclusively with other women as they pursue their studies.

Genomics medical research today

Claire Fraser is helping to lead the way. Fraser and her husband left good jobs at the National Institute of Health to create the Institute for Gnomic Research. In this story, Fraser talks about her career decisions and what she hopes to accomplish in gnomic research.

The History of Women In Math: The Female Mathematician

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