Wild Tiger Survival at Risk

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WWF study: Tiger habitat down from just a decade ago

The most comprehensive scientific study of tiger habitats ever done finds that the big cats reside in 40 per cent less habitat than they were thought to a decade ago. The tigers now occupy just 7 per cent of their historic range.

Save the Tiger Fund

Tiger habitat shrinking, survival at risk

Tigers struggle with tiny lands

BBC cat conservation page

3 Responses to “Wild Tiger Survival at Risk”

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    “A total of eight images of the feline represent the first time the mountain cat has been photographed in the wild…”

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    “The pregnant tigress, in the photo, had wandered off the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve to a village, Deulbari, about 150 miles south of Calcutta…”

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    “these cheetahs, having lived in a large camp and have been successful in hunting game previously and it is expected that they will successfully adapt tot their new environment…”

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