Google Jobs in Michigan

Posted on July 13, 2006  Comments (0)

Google brings in new jobs and hope (Update: Detroit Free Press removed the page so I removed the link – The NY Times has learned how to use the web so you can view their articlenews on the Office location) to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Google will open a new research and support center in the University of Michigan home town. It is not a coincidence that Larry Page, of Google’s co-founders graduated from Michigan’s Engineering school. Google would not locate this facility in Ann Arbor only for that reason but his familiarity with the area and a desire to take advantage of the University of Michigan played a role, I believe. This is one more example, for how good schools aid economic development.

Listen to Page’s address at the 2005 commencement for the Michigan College of Engineering.

Google’s announcement provides a breath of hope for Michigan, which has been plagued by a dismal economy and job market that has prompted young people to flee the state for areas with better prospects, a phenomenon often called the brain drain.

U.S. Census Bureau figures show 42,600 young, college-educated singles left Michigan between 1995 and 2000, while only 26,600 moved in, reducing the state’s population of that group by more people than in any other state during that time, except Pennsylvania.

Michigan has several excellent large universities. Hopefully they will build on this announcement by applying ideas for creating high value science and engineering jobs.

Apply for Jobs with Google in Ann Arbor or elsewhere.

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