NSF Engineering Education Grants

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NSF Engineering Education Grants:

Research is sought that contributes to our basic understanding of how students learn engineering. We are looking for significant breakthroughs in understanding so that our undergraduate and graduate engineering education can be transformed to meet the needs of the changing economy and society. We are interested in research that addresses: the aims and objectives of engineering education, the content and organization of the curriculum, how students learn problem solving, creativity and design, new methods for assessment and evaluation of how students learn engineering, and research that helps us understand how to attract a more talented and diverse student body to all levels of engineering study. It is expected that successful proposals will most likely be comprised of multidisciplinary teams of engineers and other fields that bring expertise pertinent to learning research.

The Full Proposal Target Date is 15 August 2006. View, recent proposals that have been funded, including: Integrating STEM Education Through Technological Design and Inquiry and Collaborative Research: Engineering Students for the 21st Century.

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