Re-engineered Wheelchair

Posted on June 11, 2006  Comments (0)

photo of new wheelchair

Wheelchairs given design makeover by Geoff Adams-Spink, BBC News

Five years later – a development phase that Mr Spindle describes as “extremely difficult” – Trekinetic chose the Mobility Roadshow to unveil a radical new design.

The K2 has three wheels – two large ones at the front that can take mountain bike tyres – and a smaller one at the back.

The company says it is ideally suited for off-road use but can be just as useful in towns and cities too.

Manufacturers of the wheelchair: Trekinetic. They seem to be getting a bit too much publicity, when I visited I received the following: “This account has exceeded it’s bandwidth quota and has been temporarily disabled.” I would imagine it will be available again shortly.

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