Companies Hunting for Engineers to Fill New Jobs

Posted on April 10, 2006  Comments (1)

Increase in work has companies hunting for engineers by Molly McMillin:

In 2007, Airbus’ North America Engineering Center in Wichita must hire an additional 150 engineers because of new work it is getting. Bill Greer, Airbus North America’s vice president and general manager, said he will hire as many engineers locally as he can for the wing design center, which now employs 207 engineers.

But if he can’t find enough high-quality, experienced engineers in Wichita, Greer said he will contract with engineering companies outside Kansas.

Cessna Aircraft hired 150 engineers last year and plans to hire 100 to 120 more in 2006.

Raytheon Aircraft expects to add more than 100 engineers in the next year.

Right now, both say they are finding the engineers they need.

WSU, which has 155 to 160 engineering graduates in a year, is not graduating all the engineers Wichita needs, Toro-Ramos said.

Those who are graduating are getting multiple offers of employment, she said.

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