Are Antibiotics Killing Us?

Posted on April 4, 2006  Comments (0)

Are Antibiotics Killing Us? by Jessica Snyder Sachs:

To counteract these killers, some physicians have turned to lengthy or lifelong courses of antibiotics. At the same time, other researchers are counterintuitively finding that bacteria we think are bad for us also ward off other diseases and keep us healthy. Using antibiotics to tamper with this complicated and little-understood population could irrevocably alter the microbial ecology in an individual and accelerate the spread of drug-resistant genes to the public at large.

Articles on the overuse of antibiotics.

Salyers says her research shows that decades of antibiotic use have bred a frightening

degree of drug resistance into our intestinal flora. The resistance is harmless as long as the bacteria remain confined to their normal habitat. But it can prove deadly when those bacteria contaminate an open wound or cause an infection after surgery.

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