Math in the “Real World”

Posted on January 14, 2006  Comments (1)

Math Will Rock Your World cover story in Business Week:

From fledglings like Inform to tech powerhouses such as IBM (IBM ), companies are hitching mathematics to business in ways that would have seemed fanciful even a few years ago. In the past decade, a sizable chunk of humanity has moved its work, play, chat, and shopping online. We feed networks gobs of digital data that once would have languished on scraps of paper — or vanished as forgotten conversations. These slices of our lives now sit in databases, many of them in the public domain. From a business point of view, they’re just begging to be analyzed. But even with the most powerful computers and abundant, cheap storage, companies can’t sort out their swelling oceans of data, much less build businesses on them, without enlisting skilled mathematicians and computer scientists.

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