Save Tulane Engineering

Posted on December 9, 2005  Comments (0)

A new blog called Save Tulane Engineering was started today and is already very active. Tulale is located in New Orleans and announced, yesterday, actions to cope with the results of Huricane Katrina.

Save Tulane Engineering:

Through our ingenuity, Tulane Engineers will enable our leaders to reinvent Tulane, without the loss of its most important institution. If you, or anyone else have statistics regarding Engineering at Tulane such as per capita earnings, grant numbers, donation numbers, or scholarship recipients please let me now. We, Mary McCarty (Biomedical), Laura Wells (Biomedical), Shawn Sarwar (Biomedical), Justin Mikowski (Computer Engineering) and Will Clarkson (Computer Engineering), are spearheading an initiative to save our school. But we can’t do this ourselves.

Tulane to lay off hundreds:

All engineering majors except biomedical engineering and chemical engineering will be eliminated. Students in discontinued programs will be allowed to continue if they can finish by May 2007.

After Katrina, A Leaner Tulane, Washington Post:

Tulane, the largest employer in New Orleans, expects 86 percent of its students to return next month. Although it did not suffer insurmountable damage, the university still faces a $200 million deficit because of recovery efforts and loss of revenue. The university’s operating budget for fiscal 2005 was $593 million, according to its Web site.

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